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In Collaboration with the Savannah African Art Museum

Co-Curated Credits and Projets.

2019 Sound and Spirit Rotating Exhibit. This exhibit focused on 19th/20th Century musical instruments from African countries such as Nigeria, DR Congo, Mali, and Cameroon. 

2019 Terracotta Gallery

Co-Curated and designed the installation and color scheme for a free standing permanent gallery. This six month project showcased African clay works from a private collection. 

Education and Program Coordinator

Creating Family Craft Day workshops and live performance events with local storytellers.




Telfair Museum, Jepson Center

FAAA Member

Small Works Exhibition 2020

Established in 2007, FAAA raises awareness and promotes development and understanding of Art by African Americans.

Exhibit artwork:

Nubian Stardust by Aiysha Sinclair

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